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Download VIRAL VIDEO - Starring Trisha Paytas and Richard Grieco (2D HD)

Uploaded Date: 17 October 2014, Duration: 16:42, Quality :2D HD
Comments: 7954
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Description: buy my new book "Trisha's 31 Nights of Fright"

#trishhorrorfilm #viralvideo


ig: @trishapaytas
twitter @trishapaytas


ig: @realrichardgrieco
twitter @Richard_Grieco

Story by:
Trisha Paytas

Written by:

Kale Flowers
ig: @kalegram
twitter @kaleflowers

Directed by:
Kale Flowers

Produced by:
Trisha Paytas
Kale Flowers
JJ Rogers
XVIII Entertainment, LLC

Edited by:
Justin Ballou


Mark Newton
ig: @lamoviedirector
twitter @lamoviedirector

Sound Effects
Kent Phillips

music is provided by video copilot, which I have the licensing rights to the whole catalogue via XVIII entertainment, LLC
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