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Download Ep 10: OAKLEY GOES TO SCHOOL - Cute Dog Video School Day (2D HD)

Uploaded Date: 03 October 2018, Duration: 06:27, Quality :2D HD
Comments: 2302
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Description: For the first time ever, my brother Oakley takes the starring role in one of my episodes in OAKLEY GOES TO SCHOOL, where cute little Oakley, a miniature dachshund or wiener dog, goes to school in this cute dog video.

Oakley is a cute little wiener dog, who with his cute backpack and overalls, heads to school on the school bus, where his day has various adventures including funny math class, funny history class, and finally, finding a cute girl to help study with. You might feel a little sorry for Oakley Dachshund in this episode, but in the end you'll see he wins the day in this cute dog video featuring adorable dachshunds, Jack Russell, and Golden Retriever.

I, Crusoe, am still in the episode, playing myself, as well as history and math teacher. Also big thanks to Dillon the Golden Retriever and Sandy the Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix.

Enjoy Oakley Goes to School! A cute video of little dogs going to school!
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