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Download LEGOLAND HOTEL TOUR! Amusement Park Family Fun Lego Toys for Kids play Area Children Activities (2D SD)

Uploaded Date: 09 January 2017, Duration: 14:20, Quality :2D SD
Comments: 540
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Description: Legoland Hotel Tour with Ryan's Family Review Family Fun Vacation! It's our first time staying at Legoland resort! There were lots of lego toys for kids everywhere! In the lobby there was a large children play center with lots of legos! This is the best hotel ever for kids because it have fun party music on the elevator, whoopie cushion jump area , castle children play center! There's a Lego Pool and the best part is the Amusement Park for kids is right next door! There are many children activities that we will show in the next videos such as smores campfire and treasure hunt!

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