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Download 20 Awkward Moments In School (2D HD)

Uploaded Date: 08 July 2018, Duration: 10:26, Quality :2D HD
Comments: 8098
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Description: Back to School is BACK! Happy #STAMMERSUNDAY! Today's video is 20 Awkward Moments that happen in school!
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Hi! My name is Mia Stammer and I do comedy, lifestyle, and daily vlogs! Things like DIY, Life hacks, apartment tours, expectations vs reality, and girls in real life! This video is 20 Awkward Moments that Happen in school!
Tags : mamamiamakeup, mia stammer, back to school, back, to, school, 20 awkward moments in school, 20, awkward, moments, 20 awkward moments, mia, stammer
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