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Download Jon Voight Buys Thanksgiving Turkeys for Non-Profit While Shopping In Walmart (2D HD)

Uploaded Date: 22 November 2016, Duration: 00:49, Quality :2D HD
Comments: 32
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Description: He's the Deliverance star who really delivers in the holiday season. A Thanksgiving blessing rolled in for a non-profit organization when one of their employees ran into Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight in a Kentucky store. Sydney Gholston was in the checkout line to purchase six turkeys for the upcoming holiday, she realized the man in line behind her looked familiar. Voight then revealed himself, took out his credit card and paid for the six turkeys.
Tags : grocery, store, Generous, checkout line, nice, thanksgiving, actor, donation, kentucky, Kind, holiday, Jon Voight, donor, credit card, spirit, turkey, surprise, walmart, inside edition, shopping, the profit, 2016 walmart turkey bowl, hoyt williams walmart, sydney gholston, walmart shopping, tnx giving shopping
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