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Download Laser Pizza Slicer?! | 10 Ridiculous Tech Items (2D HD)

Uploaded Date: 10 October 2017, Duration: 26:41, Quality :2D HD
Uploader / Channel (v3): Matthias Channel Profile Information
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Description: 10 Strange Chinese Products! ➡
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#1 Soda Can Robug ➡
#2 Micro Blimp ➡
#3 Space Scooter ➡
#4 Shoe Ultraviolet Sterilizer ➡
#5 Insta360 ONE ➡
#6 Stormtrooper Mister ➡
#7 bloon GLO ➡
#8 Laser Guided Pizza Cutter ➡
#9 LED Car Sign ➡


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