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Download Tourist terrified by new glass walkway that cracks under weight (2D HD)

Uploaded Date: 10 October 2017, Duration: 00:55, Quality :2D HD
Uploader / Channel (v3): CGTN Channel Profile Information
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Description: A video of a tourist guide terrified by the sight of a bridge’s glass bottom cracking has gone viral recently in East Taihang Mountains, in Handan city, north China's Hebei Province. The glass skywalk hangs 1,180 meters above a valley and stretches 266 meters in length. Just for fun, shattering glass is added as a special effect to give the already-terrifying experience extra zing. The management assured that workers check the glass panels daily to ensure the safety of visitors.

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Tags : CCTVNews, News, CGTN, Breaking, Politics, ChinaNews, WorldNews, CCTV, skywalk, China, society, glass bridge
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