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Download Christopher Cantwell: Physically Removing Democrats Is a Force of Good - Radical Agenda (2D HD)

Uploaded Date: 11 August 2017, Duration: 27:21, Quality :2D HD
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Description: Alt-right personality Christopher Cantwell ( and ) hosts the popular call-in radio show Radical Agenda. His goal is to normalize racism and defeat the left, who he sees as human filth. Christopher talks to Jesse about how he used to be an anarchist, but realized there was a need for order in the world and became a leader of the alt-right. He also recalls with Jesse how he got fired from his mainstream radio gig by talking on air about race and IQ. They start arguing when it comes to whether it's right to blame Jews for the current state of the white race. Christopher Cantwell says white men are the rulers of the world and therefore are responsible for everything that has happened, but Jesse still feels he has a lot of anger that he needs to get past and warns him he is heading down the wrong path. 

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